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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Remote Server Access


SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Remote Access includes :

  • Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure
  • Guided Procedure
  • Customer Usage Provisioning
  • IT Service Management
  • Change Control Management
  • Solution Documentation Operations
  • Upgrade Management
  • Custom Code Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Business Process Operations
  • Application Operations
  • Solution Implementation
  • Template Management

50 USD


SAP Remote Server Access:

We are the corporate SAP Consultants providing Online SAP Server Access to the End users, We are the first persons to introduce server to work in Excise Material Purchase and sales. Our services will satisfy all your requirements for access to SAP IDES servers. Moreover, we provide low-cost pricing for every of our SAP IDES systems. we are providing quality SAP Remote Access for Individuals and companies. we are providing 24/7 Online Support and you will get the SAP Remote Server Access Instantly within 30 mins after paying subscription charges.

SAP Remote Server Access Features :

  • We have arranged individual Consultant to help remote access trainees to work without any connectivity issues.
  • We are providing 24 / 7 helpline through Chat,call, mail.Skype Remote help also will be provided
  • Full Speed Leased Line Connection
  • we will Activate your Account with in 30mins
  • Free Developer access key for all SAP Modules
  • We are providing Full access Excepts Basis Work
  • Server UP to access 24 X 7 X 365 days, if any down time we will inform 1day before
  • Guaranteed resolution to any ticket opened within 24 hours
  • Multi-Language Support for all SAP modules.
  • We will provide iPad, Mac & Windows GUI with Guide for access
  • We provide SAP Remote Server Access,SAP Plug and Play Hard Drives,SAP VMware downloads in USA, UK, INDIA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SINGAPORE…


SAP_Solman_7.2 Remote Server Access
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SAP_Solman_7.2 Remote Server Access